Android Application development heats with BSNL and Aakash tablet

The present scenario of Indian tablet market looks good from the perspective of customers and mobile application developers. As the more and more players are emerging the heat in price can be felt as new models of tablets are emerging with more and more features and better deals with more value to your money. The current situation can be attributed to the aakash tab which exposed the Indian tablet market and after the laptop revolution tablet revolution has begun. The new trend includes many multinational companies collaborating with Indian Local companies to launch new models of tablets.

Some facts about Tablets and Mobile Apps development

android apps dvelopmentA survey has revealed that about 8,000 tablets are sold every day in India. The figure may not look significant but the rate at which this number is increasing is very high. Computer Market Research (CMR) has predicted the sale of about 85,000 tablets in India in 2012 which includes 15 players. By 2017 this figure can reach about 23.38 million. The actual sale can be much more the prediction due to many new models with small price tag is entering the market. Currently there are many mobile phone companies that are planning low cost android tablets which include Karbon, Lava and many more.

This will create a huge market for android apps which will eventually lead to more mobile app developers entering the market. As the mobile application development for this low cost android tablet is almost similar, to develop apps for mobiles there are few challenges. The new Nokia and Microsoft deal has still not revealed what kind of support will be given to the Nokia phones and Java is not supported by many low cost Chinese phones.

Windows phone 7 is still not popular in India. The application development for iphone or I pad 3g can be costly due the special hardware requirements of apple for application development. Blackberry needs its own development environment for creating apps. This leads only android app development as an option for the developers. The ongoing development of new tablets based on Android also puts some thrust on Android app development.

Low cost Android tablets upthrust mobile application development :

The current improvement in revenue sharing by the market place and developers has also enabled many Indian coders to make some extra fortune from this. The new BSNL and Aakash tab both will increase the demand for the apps and to cater it more and more developers are needed in the mobile application field. As the more number of players increases in the android tablet section there are brighter chances for the Indian coders to earn good bucks from this mobile application market.

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